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Just on spec 8th October 2013 Playlist

October 8, 2013

Loads of music tonight not much words


This little ear worm is driving me insane but a little to rude to play on air




  1. Get Me – Dinosaur Jr
  2. Bring the noise – Public enemy
  3. Im waiting ofr my man – The velvet Underground
  4. This is an emergency – Pretty girls make graves
  5. Be Mine tonight – Th’ dudes
  6. Dont stop – the parting gifts
  7. Teenage FBI – guided by voices
  8. Sleeps like a curse – The panics
  9. Another travelling song – Bright eyes
  10. call the police – the oblvions
  11. the whole dame thing – those darlins
  12. good idea -sugar
  13. runaway boys – stray cats
  14. punk rock girl – the dead mmilkmen
  15. california uber allis – dead Kennedy
  16. Friction – Television
  17. Fiction – Tim rodgers and the temeprance union
  18. ITs allright – uncle tupelo
  19. Poncho and lefty – towns van zandt
  20. Sinister kid – The black keys
  21. Motorhead – Corduroy
  22. Autum sweater – Yo Le tengo


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