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Just on Spec play list 16th July 2013

July 16, 2013

Hey all,


Not much to say tonight so here is some music

  1. Two for Tuesday – Dan Baird & the homade sin
  2. Shake em all down -North Mississippi AllStars
  3. Mes, AZ – Jeffery Foucault
  4. Yuma – Justin Towns Earle
  5.  To Hell with good intenions – Mclusky
  6. Without MSG I am nothing – MLusky
  7. Small bones small bodies – Future of the left
  8. Chin Music – Future of the Left
  9. Light sabre cocksucking blues – Mclusky
  10. Mancasim – Future f the left
  11. the hope that house built – future of the left
  12. Drink Nike (live) Future of the left
  13. I am the least of your problems – Future of the left
  14. Real men hunt in packs – Future of the left
  15. Collagen Rock – McLusky
  16. Lifetime of todays – Liberator
  17. Road runner – Modernlovers
  18. Race for the Prize – Flaming lips
  19. locked down – Dr John
  20. Hifi – M ward
  21. The comeback – Shout out louds
  22. Blue- the  Jayhawks
  23. Gone for good – The Shins
  24. I’ll Be gone – Spectrum
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