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Just on Spec playlist 21st May 2013 Catpower special

May 21, 2013

Tonight Just on Spec pays our respect to the keyboard player of The Doors Ray Manzarek who died aged 74


Also but the Slayer Guitarist Jeff Hanneman who Died of Alcohol-Related Cirrhosis

A big Just on Spec shout out to the friends families and fans.

Tonight Just in Spec plays some of Chan Marshall‘s aka Catpowers back catalog

I hope you enjoy


  1. Baby missiles – War on Drugs
  2. Riders on the storm – The Doors
  3. Manipulation – The Black Angels
  4. Maximum sunshine – Linfeild pioneers
  5. 13 – Brian Johnstown Massacre
  6. Sweet Illusion – Ryan Adams and the Cardinals
  7. Cross Bone Style – Catpower
  8. He War – Catpower
  9. Lived in Bars – Catpower
  10. Sea of Love – Catpower
  11. Breathless – Catpower
  12. Blue – Catpower
  13. Nude as the news – Cat power
  14. Good Woman – Catpower
  15. Spoonbread – lil band of gold
  16. Halfway to Jackson – Justin town earle
  17. What ever happened to my rocknroll – BRMC
  18. Reigning blood – slayer
  19. Real men hunt in packs – Future of the left
  20. Fuijamja attack – Guitar wolf
  21. The General Specific – Band of Horses
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