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Just on Spec playlist 23rd April 2013

April 23, 2013




Royal Crown Revue II

Tonights band of the week is Royal Crown Review. From LA, These swingers kick started a new wave of swing music. Growing up with the West Coast waves and Punk rock, RCR brought them together with old school swing to bring a fresh sound to the punk rock scene of the early 90’s. More info here.


Royal Crown Revue I



  1. Suise-Q – Dale Hawkins
  2. Boys in Town – the Divinyls
  3. Going back to Memphis – Solardad Brothers
  4. Heartbreaker – Alabama Shakes
  5. Barflies at the beach – Royal Crown Review
  6. Watts local – royal crown review
  7. Zip Gun Bop (reloaded) – Royal Crown Review
  8. Hey Panchino – RCR
  9. Whatcha doing tonight – RCR
  10. Stormy weather – RCR
  11. Jump Jive Wail – Louis Prima
  12. Beyond the sea – RCR
  13. Suzy _ Caravan palace
  14. 7/4 Shorline – Broken Social Scene
  15. Tom Courtnay – yo le tengo
  16. Tulane – Chuck Berry
  17. Encryped – The Dirtbombs
  18. Glad Girls – guided by voices
  19. Fannie May – Ooga Boggas
  20. Trouble root – One mile and hour
  21. Through my sails – Neil young and Crazy Horse
  22. willin – Happy feet
  23. Happy blues  – Oblivions
  24. Time bomb High School – Reigning sound
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