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15th January 2013 Just on Spec

January 15, 2013
Japandroids - Hovefestivalen 2010

Japandroids – Hovefestivalen 2010 (Photo credit: NRK P3)

Just on Spec was joined this week by Rach Hill from the 42ude team that is walking across NZ. Check out this website

Mad buggers are walking across NZ on the 42nd parallel which is just below Nelson Lakes. Sounds like there was some tough sections on the west coasts but now heading through the Nelson lakes parks before hitting Molesworth station and a possible ascent of Tappy.

Hats of to them. Here is a soundtrack for your trip

Also I would also like to introduce you to a new album I got this week from Japandroids. Celebration Rock is their third album and is a great catch dirty rock album. I love a dirty two piece. Check this out

  1. Miss ohio – Gillian Welsh
  2. When you wake up feeling old – Wilco
  3. Drown – Sonvolt
  4. When my time comes – Dawes
  5. White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes
  6. The latest Troughs – Okkerville river
  7. Bloodbuuz ohio – The National
  8. victor JAras hands – Calexico
  9. Compromise for a country girl – Halfway
  10. Roosevelt and ida lee – Tony Joe whie
  11. 7 nights 2 rock – Lil band of gold
  12. Whole lotta woman – Compulsive gamblers
  13. Revolution – Dr john
  14. Meet me in the city – JSBX
  15. Whatever happen to my rock n roll – BRMC
  16. Cherokee wearwolf -Howlin Rain
  17. Adrenaline night shift – Janpandriods
  18. The house that heaven built – Japandroids
  19. Polymers are forever – Future of the left
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