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tuesday 25th september 2012

September 25, 2012

Tonight Just on spec are celebrating Rock n roll/Blues and Boogie/smoke laden beer drenched music from the 70’s. With all the pomp from the big band of the 70’s Australia and New Zealand had a pretty amazing music scene going on. Decades before spotify and iTunes and the ablitily to get any music of any genre a t a stroke of a keyboard, the antipodean islands in the pacifics devolped their own beer soaked style of barn rock n roll. A amazing compliation album has been put together celbrating these years and this music and tonights show we play some of our favoriote bands and songs from this era.

Here are some great tracks from the era

Playlist from tonights show

  • I’ll be gone – spectrum
  • black and blue – chain
  • mamma told me – Lobby loyd and the coloured balls
  • i’m your satisfier – masters apprentices
  • too pooped to pop – ladeedas
  • bus drivers prayer – Ian drury
  • babylon burning – the ruts
  • coloured balls – flash
  • something to say – buster brown
  • snow queen – rose tattoo
  • stay with me – Faces
  • whole lotta rosie – acdc
  • you aint home – the sportz
  • Sam Hall – johnny cash
  • white line fever – the flying Burrrito Brothers
  • Persecution blues – powdermonkeys
  • louder than a jumbojet – warped
  • 90 ways to leave your lover – british india
  • turn the lights out -the ponys
  • sell your body to the night- turbo negro

thanks for listening see you in the fortnight

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