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Just on Spec Xmas party playlist 20th Dec 2012

December 20, 2011

Tonight’s theme is music you want to play at your Xmas office party (but your too scared).

One band I would like at my office party is future of the left. I probably would not have a job come the new year but it would be one great event. They have been touring OZ this week and by all reports smashing it. Here is their gig at tan Annandale hotel in its entirety. Enjoy.

Nick Caves’s so termed “mid life crisis” band, Grinderman, has pulled the pin after 2 albums and constant touring for 3 odd years. He announced this at this yeas Meredith Music festival after performing behind a lunar eclipse. What a way to go out.

Here is some shots of his final gig

And Nick signing off on Grinderman

Tonight’s play list

  1. Romance – Wild flag
  2. Everybody sexerano – Les Sexareno
  3. Wild child – Ivan
  4. Who invited you – Donnas
  5. I’m Bored – Iggy pop
  6. No pussy Blues – Grinderman
  7. She’s so Scandalous – Black Joe Lewis & the honey bears
  8. das war ihr leban – terrorgroupe
  9. Lost Cause – Cosmic psychos
  10. Le Freak – Chic
  11. Walk away – Southside Johnny with lamaba’s big band featuring tom Waits
  12. shadow of the season – screaming trees
  13. bellies are full – Portugal the man
  14. sound of love – danko jones
  15. go down – ACDC
  16. El camerio – young heart attack
  17. I am civil service – Future of the left
  18. Thrill me – Future of the left
  19. thrill me – the soundtrack of our lives
  20. sister Havana – Urge Overkill
  21. Get it on – Turbonebro
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