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Just on Spec playlist 22nd Nov 2011

November 22, 2011

Hello all,

Signs of summer is everywhere. So tongiht I am playing a sountrack to summer. Great summer songs to be the soundtrack of your tuesday night.

George Harrison in the Oval Office during the ...

George Harrison bioepic is coming out with Martin Scorcase at the editing table (post his work on Dylan and the Stones). Should be very good. Here is the trailer


  1. When I am with you – Best Coast
  2. Summerteeh- Wilco
  3. Underdog -Spoon
  4. Lazy Day – flying Burritto Brothers
  5. If you gotta go – Thee Shams
  6. Sad days lonely nights – Spritulized
  7. Shake the dope out – The Warlocks
  8. Weed Party – Band of horses
  9. 16 days – Whiskytown
  10. Blind willie Mctell- Dream Synidicate
  11. looking through a windsheild – son volt
  12. Taking the farm – War on  Drugs
  13. The Comeback – Shout out louds
  14. Round and ’round – Ariel Pink Haunted Grafitti
  15. Oppersite of halliujah- Jens Leckman
  16. Roll on Rusted days – Howlin Rain
  17. What is life – George Harrison
  18. BLack Milk – Beasts of Biurban
  19. Here color televison – Eddie Current Suppression ring

thanks for lisening

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