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Just on spec 30th of August. War on Drugs, Kurt Vile and The Parting Gifts

August 30, 2011

Hello all

Some new Music for you this week.

Just on Spec is very happy to hear the new album from War on Drugs “Slave Ambient”. We gave “the Wagonwheel Blues” are floggin back in 2008 and their new album is another corker. Still full of Dylanesque vocals and train driving rhythm the new album moves forward where Wagonwheel blues left off.

A bit of a line up change since the last album, Kurt Vile who played Guitar on Wagonwheel blues has gone ou on his own. His latest Smoke ring for my halo is another lovely album you would think with a name like Kurt Vile your going to get some dirty snotty nosed punk, however his sounds are very FM radio…….in a good way

Finally, I have continued with my Greg Cartwright obsession with his new band The Parting gifts. Greg has been a feature of the Memphis Rock Scene being a member of the compulsive Gamblers, The oblivions and Reigning sound. His new album is in collaboration with  Lindsay “CoCo” Hames of The Ettes and Patrick Keeler of The Raconteurs and The Greenhornes, and a guest appearance from Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys.

Tonights play list

  1. Taking the Farm – War on Drugs
  2. No Pussy Blues – Grinderman
  3. Weed Party – Band of Horses
  4. Radio Cure – Wilco
  5. Baby missles – War on Drugs
  6. Cowbell – Tapes and Tapes
  7. You got me hummn – Reigning Sound
  8. I May be Gone (but how long) – The oblivions
  9. No Home – The Ettes
  10. DJ Edouard – Electro swing mix
  11. Angelena, Zoom Zoom – Louis Prima
  12. Jump in line – Harry Belefonte
  13. What Is Life – George Harrison
  14. Jesus Fever – Kurt Vile
  15. My Shadow – Jay Retard
  16. Dirty Slow Mooon – Matt Sonic and the high times
  17. Touch me Im Sick –  Mudhoney
  18. Like no other man – The Hellacopters
  19. Prizefighter – Slow burn
  20. Oogie Boogie – The ooga Boogas
  21. Come together – Spiritulized

Thanks for listening

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