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Just on spec Tuesday 5th of July 2011

July 5, 2011

Hello all,

Once agin here is a plug for the Man in Black Shows in Nelson Theatre Royal on Friday. Tex and Cash….. What a good combo.

Big language warning on this track by Reggie Watts.


  1. Debris – Reigning Sound
  2. This is Heartache – Matt sonic & the High times
  3. Whole lotta woman – compulsive Gamblers
  4. Chase the dragon- Beasts of boubon
  5. Cocaine blues – Johnny Cash
  6. Hey Porter – Johnny Cash
  7. I see Darkness – johnny Cash
  8. The Mercy Seat – Johnny Cash
  9. Wheneven it snows – Tex, Don and Charlie
  10. Old 55 – Tom Waits
  11. Red Right Hand – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
  12. Other sid eof the Mountain – Chris Altmann
  13. Ruby – Dave Rawlings machine
  14. Rosealitta – Bruce Springsteen  and the Estreet band
  15. Used ot be a cop- Drive by truckers
  16. Girl on my mine – The Black Keys
  17. MilkToast -Helment
  18. You need satan more than he needs you – Future of the Left
  19. Crank me up – The powder monkies
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