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just on spec playlist 21st June 2011

June 22, 2011


Welcome to another night of Just on spec.

Good news for Nelson this week is The Man in Blackis coming to town. The man in black is a johnny cash tribute shown by Aussie music ledgend Tex Perkins. Tex was the front man of the Beast of Burban, Creul Sea, Tex and Tim, Tex, don and Charile and even his work with the Lady boys (see below). The show is two hours spectacular of Cash’s music interwoven with his story. Johnny Cash is a favortie here at Jsut on spec and we are very exicted about this show.

Info you need


Friday 8 July, 2011 @ 8:00PM
Theatre Royal
Rutherford Street
Nelson  Nelson
Box Office: Everyman Records
0800 842 538

And to get some idea of Tex Perkins

and this is a piss take

Just on Spec teams likes to rememeber the hot tenor sax of Clarence Clemons, the saxophone player in Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, has died, aged 69. Who can forget that Sax solo in born to run (as well as that hot Red/white outfits).


  1. 100days, 100 nights – Sharon Jones and the sap kings
  2. Who Knows where – Chris Altman
  3. Bad News – Chris Altman
  4. Anyway – Steven Stills
  5. I walk the line – johnny Cash
  6. Sitting the BAr – Tex, Don and charlie
  7. Saturated- Beasts of Bourban
  8. I gotta plan for saturday night – The deadly snakes
  9. Know your product- The Saints
  10. Goin back to memphis – The soladad brothers
  11. Roll on Rusted days – Holwin Rain
  12. Thunder on the mountain – Wanda Jackson
  13. buona sera – Louis Prima
  14. I want some sugar in my bowl – Nina Simone
  15. you are not alone – mavis staples
  16. Pretty girl from san diego – The avett Bros
  17. Start wearing purple – Gogol Bordello
  18. cold ice cream – Eddie current suppresion ring
  19. Come as you are – Nivana
  20. Born wth a tail – Supersuckers
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