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Just on Spec 24th May 2011 – Chris Altmann, Gareth Liddiard and The Deadly Snakes

May 24, 2011

Hello all,

Just on spec has fully recovered from the “awesomeness” that was Kyuss. Even though the gig may have had long-term effects on us, mainly on the hearing damage that it caused. It was brutal, it was relentless, it was great.

New (and some slightly older) music has hit the Just on Spec card table this week. Taking his song books straight from Gram Parson and Doug Sahm (also Still’s Manassas¬†sounds in there), Chris Altman (formally from the Vandas) has put together a great album with a country rock swagger. Que Paso has been on high rotation this week. I did that thing all radio DJ hate. I left the CD in the player and brought the cover to the station. So in a fornights time you will be able to listen to the country sounds of Chris Altmann. In the meantime enjoy this clip

Gareth Liddiard from the Drones has a favorite with us here at Just on Spec. His gravelly Aussie accent sings proud stories of working class colonial stories. We have been privileged to see his play many times out the front of the Drones. Last year he released a solo almum “Strange Tourist” and like a fine red, it seems to get better with age and amount circling in your cortex.

Finally been looking back at some dirty rocknroll. The Deadly Snakes are Canadians rockers who still belive in the power of a rock saxophone!! Long live the SEX_AMA_PHONE

Tonight’s playlist

  1. Please hold on while the trains is moving Old 97’s
  2. Like a Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan
  3. Slowly – Connor Orbost and the Mystic valley band
  4. Colorado – Stephan Stills
  5. Strange Tourist – Gareth Liddiard
  6. Pancho and lefty – Towns Van Zandt
  7. Just another Rider – Greg Allman
  8. She Got you – Cat Power
  9. Islands on the coast – Band of Horses
  10. Fired eyed boy – Broken social Scene
  11. Gospel According to John – Soledad Brothers
  12. Shake by the River side – The Deadly snakes
  13. Thrill me – soundtrack of our life
  14. Motor away – guided by voices
  15. Thumb (live) – Kyuss
  16. Babbling flower – Dead Meadow
  17. Like no other man – The Hellecopters
  18. Needle in the eye #16 – The war on Drugs
  19. Teen Age Riot – Sonic Youth

Thanks for listening

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