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Just On Spec – 26th April 2011

April 26, 2011

Steve popped in to the Fresh FM Studio to rifle through a few more of his musical back catalogue.

Sad news, Poly – Syrene, lead singer of the X-Ray Spex died yesterday from breast cancer, and that it had spread to her spine and lungs.  A heart-felt condolence to her family and her legion of fans. She was a punk icon and a roel model for women to take to the stage.

On a completly different note. A rock band from melbourne to watch out for is Barbarion. File them next to Turbonegro…….so wrong that makes them so right! Enjoy

I hope you enjoyed the show

  1. You got me hummin – Reigning Sound
  2. Rays Automatic Wepon – The drive truckers
  3. New kind of kick – The Cramps
  4. Blue shot-Jesus lizard
  5. Do It Rollins Band
  6. Cleaver Trevor – Ian Dury
  7. Delilah – Alex Harvey Band
  8. Sharevari – The Dirt Bombs
  9. Drugnaught – Black Mountain
  10. vengeance – New Model Army
  11. Thanks for the memories – Drag strip
  12. 20th century boy – T Rex
  13. Action – The Sweet
  14. Run – Spiderbait
  15. Cat house – Danielle Dex
  16. Been Caught StealingJanes Addiction
  17. Walk the far from Home – Iron wine
  18. Josienne Clarke – Silver Dagg
  19. X Ray Spex – The Day The World Turned Day-Glo
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