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Just On Spec 12th april 2011 Punk Special

April 12, 2011

G’day all,

We were joined by Steve in the studio this week. Steve was in the UK when the first wave of punk swept across that little island eventually taking the world like a tsunami. He was there at the 100 club to see bands like the clash, sex pistols, the buzzcocks, the damned etc strut their stuff. Tonight he has joined the Just on Spec radio show to trawl through some 40 odd years of music in particular looking at those years `76-80 when punk raised it snotty noses and poke a stiff middle finger to the world.

However Punk did start on the lower east side on NYC. Here is jeffery lewis version of events

Some say Punk is just sped up Chuck berry tracks……..Sometimes I agree

Check out the Dead Milkmans Punk Rock Girl

And this beat the Sex pistols by a few weeks to be the first Punk song realeased in the UK

However the Aussies were there first

However, I hope you enjoyed the music

  1. Blank Generation – Richard Hell
  2. I’m Stranded – The Saints
  3. New Rose – The Damned
  4. England – The Addicts
  5. White Riot – The Clash
  6. Staring at the rude boys – The ruts
  7. Violence Grows – The Fatal Microbes
  8. Poke your eyes out Angry Samoans
  9. How about this Honey bane
  10. Baby2 – The Drones
  11. Do My thing Eddie Current suppression ring
  12. Cleopatra – Adam and the Ant
  13. Clocks –
  14. Captain Kirk- spizzenergi
  15. 96 Tears -Eddie and the hot rods
  16. Boredom – The Buzzcocks
  17. Lightsabre cocksucking blues – McLusky
  18. Small bones – Future of the left
  19. Crass – Tired
  20. Rules and regulations – Fuzzbox
  21. Used to work – Citizen fish
  22. Ballydance – Rubella ballet
  23. Over and over – Young Heart Attack
  24. I heard it trough the grape vine – The Slits
  25. Twat – John cooper clake
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  1. Charles Birch permalink
    April 13, 2011 10:19 am

    Hello there! Just wanted to say a big thank you to all who were involved in pulling together the ‘On Spec Punk Special’ broadcast on 12th april 2011. I’m writing to you from Leeds, England. I listened to the program because Steve is an old friend of mine and told many of us back in the UK and elsewhere (vai Facebook) that he was on. It was great listening taking a journey back in time and listening to lots of the old punk tracks, and hearing about the history/connections. After the show, I carried on listening to the rAdio station and thought it was excellent. So much so, i’ve favourited it and will tune in again on a regualr basis. Naturally I’m gonna say that I’d love to hear more from Steve. You only touched on some of his extensive record collection. Personally, I think you should get him back to talk about New Wave, Glam Rock and/or the New Romantics. All the very best to you guys over in your part of the world!!

  2. Nigel Lloyd permalink
    April 13, 2011 11:43 am

    That’s the Steve we know and love, just like the majority of us he’s never grown up. Still punks at heart.

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