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just on spec 15-2-11 The National, the white stripes and more

February 15, 2011
Cover of

Cover of High Violet

I have been listening to the recent release by the National over and over. For some reason I have not paid too much attention to these guys. I love the 2005 release Alligator but never followed through with buy any of their earlier or more recent albums. However there is a point when people suggest music to you that you have to cave in. To many people that shared the same style in music that I like recommended their new release High violet to me and I gotta say, I really dig it.

White stripes called it a day. This was not real surprise to me as Jack seems to be enjoying all his other projects to much to regress back to the 2 piece. My favourite white stripes memory was on my 30th birthday they played Hobart and I went with 20 drunken friends (after birthday cocktails and burgers) to an amazing gig. My money is they wait 10-15 years, then play a world tour and release an album headlining the big day out here in NZ/OZ. But what will Meg do in the meantime?? My money is on drifting away from the limelight and starting her own cookie company. Yes it is a long shot, not even sure she can bake but I am going with it. This is the first white stripes song I ever heard on radio 4 in Belfast. I went out and bought the album. Enjoy


  1. Cocaine haibt – OCMS
  2. Terrible love – The Nstional
  3. Blood buzz ohio – The National
  4. Im going to kill that woman – John Lee Hooker
  5. If you gotta go – Thee Shams
  6. Your acting like it is the end of the world – The Drones
  7. Horses – bonnie Prince Billy
  8. Jewelbomb – Richard Buckner
  9. Fell in love with a girl – the White stripes
  10. Thinking about you – Radiohead
  11. My Baby just cares for me – Nina Simone
  12. Bo diddly – Buddy Holly
  13. Just for today – Brian Jonestown Massacre
  14. Dont this look like the dark – Magnolia Electric company
  15. drugnaut – Black mountain
  16. The real thing – the royal beat conspiricy
  17. Bounce – Danko Jones
  18. Honey Bucket –  Melvins
  19. Ive Tried – Giants of Science
  20. Pill Shovel – Monster Magnet
  21. Battle Hymn – Blackfire Revelation
  22. lifetime – Rollarball
  23. My Shadow – Jay Retard
  24. Troubled mind – Buff Medways

Thanks for listening

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