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Just on Spec 21st of Dec 2010. Double shot night and short stack’s plagiarism scandal

December 21, 2010

Hello all.

Since it is our last show of 2010 we thought we will play back to back tracks of our favourite albums.

Short Stack

An internet fight has broken out from two very unlikely foes. It is a fight to the death between Music critics/indie nerds and prepubescent  boy band fans. It all started here when music critic revealed that his review of the latest Kanye West Album has be plagiarised by the heavily makeuped and preened bass player of Short Stack. I would avoid goggling short stack music (as I have learnt the hard way) however it can be best described as hair metal band of the 80’s (think Poison) genetically modified with the pop punk sound of bands such as blink 182 and sum 41. Nasty combo. Anyway these kids (around the 17 year old mark) are filling shopping centres all over Australia with hormone fuelled teenage girls and their tweeting social media device thingies. Andy Clemmensen, the highly styled baseplayer, was credited to a review that contained many unreferenced parts from other people such as Pitchfork, Sydney morning herald etc. When the  lights came on that this channel v review was a copy and paste job Andy did what all celebrities seem to do these days, apologise but blame someone else. Via twitter his excuse was

“apologies to any reviewers not quoted. arriving home late from a month long promo tour and having the Kanye album review due the next day, I was exhausted, so i foolishly got my friend to do it for me. was unaware that it was plagirised but I accept full responsibility and would once again like to apologize to the journalists I have offended”

Anyway, it has been a fun week watching this pan out. Follow this page, which has led into a mock review and even a t shirt. Loads of fun in there. Imagaes and links here were all borrowed by a freind from the mess and noise website…….

Tonight’s play list

  1. Harlem river blues – Justin Towns Earle
  2. move over moma – Justin Towns Earle
  3. It’s almost summer – Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs
  4. CC rider – Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs
  5. Spoon bread – lil band of gold
  6. Faster and faster – lil band of gold
  7. Big rock candy mountain – Harry McClintock
  8. I’ll fly away – Gillian Welsh Dianna Krauss
  9. The greatest – Catpower
  10. Lived in bars – Catower
  11. This train will be taking no passengers- Augie March
  12. The Keeper – Augie March
  13. Richmond – The Faces
  14. Had me a real good time – The Faces
  15. Altar boy – Tom Waits
  16. The Pontiac – Tom Waits
  17. wail – Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
  18. 2 kinds of love – JSBX
  19. Apohecaries Weight – Kyuss
  20. Molten Universe – Kyuss
  21. Chin Music – Future of the left
  22. Drink Nike – Future of the left
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