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Just on Spec 23rd of Novemebr 2010: Black Mountain’s Wilderness Heart, Wavves and The Clean

November 23, 2010
Black Mountain

Image by Guus Krol via Flickr

A couple of new albums have passed across the Just on Spec foldable card table this week Firstly the new album by Canadian psychedelic stoner rockers (and Just On Spec favs) Black Mountain’s Wilderness Heart. This follows two great albums 2005 self titled and 2007 “In the Future” both of which have been play mercilessly in the Just on Spec Cubby house over the last few years. There are many things to like about this album like the great big loud droning jams, the duel male female vocals or even Sabbath esque sound/lyrics from the well bearded Stephen McBean. But what I like the most is that it has a massive Shark on the cover….Yes I am very easily satisfied!!!!

Wavves @ NXNE 2010

Image by h0usep1ant via Flickr

If you grew up on the West Coast of the US with nothing but Sunshine and Surf you may think you be into either Beach Boy’esque pop or Gangster rap. However I reckon this is the sound you will be making growing up disassociated from the suburbia and sun. Wavves are a Duo from San Diego California who make noisy pop songs about getting stoned, being bored and Goth girls. Their self titled 2008 release (From Fat Possum) is been getting some high rotation in the cubby house over the past few weeks. The album has 4 sougs about Goths (Goth Girls, Summer Goth, Beach Goth and Surf Goth). You gotta love that!!!

Finally it has taken me a while to really dissect the Kiwi sound and a good friend has put me onto the Clean as great place to start. Watch this. These guys are reformed and playing dates.

Anyway enough from me here is the playlist

  1. Too be young (is to be sad, is to be high) – David Rawlings Machine
  2. Coalminers – Uncle Tupelo
  3. Peace Beneath the city- Iron and Wine
  4. The Hair Song – Black Mountain
  5. Old Fangs – Black Mountain
  6. Bellies are Full – Portugal the Man
  7. California Uber Alles – Dead Kennedys
  8. So Bored – Wavves
  9. I want to Know – Dinosaur Jr
  10. Motor Away – Guided by voices
  11. Cant Help Myself  – the Bamboos  featuring TY
  12. Mushaboom – Feist
  13. I Want you Back – Jackson 5
  14. Strange things happening every day – 68 Comeback
  15. Carolina – M Ward
  16. Oh La La- The Faces
  17. Tally ho – The clean
  18. Pull Down The Shades – Jay Retard
  19. Opposite of Hallelujah – Jens Leckman
  20. What I done to  Her- Tex Don and Charlie
  21. Have a Little Mercy- Lisa Miller
  22. Sadderside – Patty Hurst Shifter
  23. The Drought – The Kill Devil Hills
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