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Just on Spec 19/9/2010 Those Darlins, Jeff the Brotherhood and Band of Horses

September 13, 2010

Hello and welcome to another instalment of Just on Spec.

Tonight we are featuring some new music.

Those Darlins, well to best describe them you have to use words like trailer park princesses fed on a diet of Johnny Cash. Clad in tattoos and feral animal skins these three ladies (and a fella on the drums) sing Supremes like harmonies over country tracks that evoke punk’s unbridled attitude and the Tennessee rural livin’. Songs about Snaggletooth mommas, getting drunk and eating chicken and driving under the influence poke fun at a Tennessee mountain life. But without being to cheesy the self titled new release sound like they have got the right balance of raw rockabilly and traditional country to make this album very listenable and loads of fun.

Jeff the Brotherhood is a perfect example of a couple of guys that have locked themselves in a garaged and played music until their ears bleed. Nothing fancy but straight up Rock n roll.There new album Heavy Days is just our and sounds a little like Just on Spec favourites like Moldy Lemon, Mess Hall and even a little Eddy Current in there.

Jeff the Brotherhood

The Band of Horses have been going from success to success. Being a self proclaimed music snob I kinda get put off bands when I hear them in supermarkets and on cheesy American sitcoms. Band of Horses seem to be getting radio airplay everywhere and probably because they play good assessable music. To me the new album “Infinite arms” is getting more like Crosby Stills, Nash and Young. Loads of Country harmonies in there.

Tonight’s Playlist

  1. Mr Blue sky-The Delgados
  2. Don’t Bring Me down – ELO
  3. Countdown – the Black Keys
  4. ShotGun -Southern Culture on the skids
  5. I ate the whole damn thing – Those Darlins
  6. 7 nights of rock – Lil band of Gold
  7. Dui or Die – Those Darlins
  8. 3 dimes down – Drive by truckers
  9. Gin and Juice – the Gourds
  10. Through My sails- Neil Young and Crazy Horse
  11. Blue Beard – Band of Horses
  12. No place to Fall- Townes Van Zandt
  13. Welhorn yards – Richmond Fontaine
  14. Wish you were here – Betty Lavette
  15. Aint No Mountain high enough – Roberta Flack
  16. Old Fashioned Morphine – Jolie Holland
  17. slave Girl – lime Spiders
  18. Taste the Last Girl – Sons and daughters
  19. Born with a tail – Supersukers
  20. Mind ride – Jeff the Brotherhood
  21. caught by the fuzz – Supergrass
  22. Girl in the sweater – The Hard-Ons
  23. 96 tears – Eddie and the hot Rods
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