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Just on Spec Playlist 3rd Augest 2010 – Betty Lavette

August 4, 2010

Hello again

Just on spec is back with some new music from the Black Keys and Nina Nastasia.

A Couple of albums I would like to highlight. Betty LaVette is a soul singer throughout the 70’s and 80’s but only has seem to come to any recognition in recently. She has teamed up with the Drive By truckers for one truly great album called “The scene of the crime” Do check her out here.

Also some great new albums from Nina Nastasia and The Black Keys. Nina has gone bach to the skinny genious that is Steve Albini at Audio Electric to make Oulaster which is a quality rechording. Check out htis video of her

This weeks tracks

  1. Patches – Clarence Carter
  2. Shirely – Lil band of Gold
  3. Buggin Blues – Kitty Daisy and Lewis
  4. Gospel according to John – Soladad Brothers
  5. Talking old Soldiers – Betty LaVette
  6. Gonna have some fun tonight – Etta James
  7. lets talk dirty in Hawawian -Those Darlins
  8. Wellhorn yards – richmond Fontaine
  9. Spanish pipedream – Avett Brothers
  10. folsom Prison Blules – Johnny Cash
  11. Gun – Uncle Tupelo
  12. Libery Lovers – Dacios
  13. Tom Cortney Yo La Tengo
  14. Sinster Kid – The black Keys
  15. Drive all night long – Wagons
  16. Cry Cry Baby – Nina Nastasia
  17. Ragged Wood Moutnian Peasent – Fleet Foxes
  18. I! See Darkness – Bonnie Prince Billy

Cheers for listening

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