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Just on spec playlist 25 -5-10

May 25, 2010

Evening all on this very wet night

Not much to say tonightThanks to the good people at Shock this week. Brand spanking new Album arrived in the mail

BrantBjork, looks like he just flew in on a chopper from ‘Nam but plays deep stoner rock groves which I can’t seem to get enough off. Check out his latest offering Gods and goddesses

Listen to him here

Tonight’s playlist

  1. Slowly – Connor Orbost and the mystic valley band
  2. The future of Rock (We Got It) – Brant Bjork
  3. What happened to My rock n roll (punk song) – BRMC
  4. I got a right – Iggy pop
  5. Whole lotta woman – Compulsive Gamblers
  6. Hey Sailor – the Detroit cobras
  7. Burning out – Ground Components
  8. Common People – William Shatner aka TJ Hooker, capt James T Kirk or Danny Crane
  9. Stuck Between Stations -The Hold Steady
  10. 16 days – Whiskytown
  11. Wichita – The Jay Hawks
  12. Ohh Las Vegas – Cowboy Junkies
  13. Wild Horses – Flying Buritto Brothers
  14. Rocks off – Rolling Stones
  15. Loving Cup – Rolling stones
  16. Another Travelling song – Bright eyes
  17. Couch surfing – Jack-o and the flipside kid
  18. Libertine lovers – The dacios
  19. Shine a light – the Constantines
  20. Soul typecast – Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

catch you in 14 days

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