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Just on Spec playlist 27-4-10

April 27, 2010


Tonight I am going to play a tribute to Wilco who are in the country about to play a couple of shows in Auckland and Wellington. I am off tomorrow to see them and tonight I will look back at their studio catalog and play some tracks off them. From the country start in Uncle Tupleo to the latest album Wilco(The album)  come with me in the their musical journey over the last 20 years.

  1. the way we get by – Spoon
  2. Walk out – Justin Towns Earle
  3. Blue sky mine – Midnight oil
  4. Black Eye – Uncle Tupelo
  5. He doesnt know why – Fleet Foxes
  6. Casino Queen – Wilco
  7. via Chicago – Wilco
  8. At least thats what you said – Wilco
  9. theologians – Wilco
  10. Impossible Germany – Wilco
  11. You Never Know – Wilco
  12. classic cars – Bright eyes
  13. Little Wonder – Augie March
  14. Cryin – M Ward and Zooey Deschanel
  15. The General Specific – The Band of Horses
  16. Madder Red – yaysayer
  17. Goodnight Laura – Spoon
  18. Whole lotta losin – Monsters of Folk
  19. New partner – Palace Music

Thanks for listening

For Fergus Donald John Macdonald

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