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Just on Spec playlist 16-2-10

February 16, 2010

Welcome to another installment of Just on spec. Tonight we are joined by the jet setting rocker Laird Macdonald to play some gems he has picked up around the world.

Tonight there will be some music from the The Oblivian and Bright Eyes.

Wayne Coyne from the Flaming lips is a serious strange man. He has made a freaked out film about christmas on mars and now photos of his house has hit the web. Check out his living room and bathroom. Good on him, I reckon.

Also, legal eagles are cashing in on music copyrights with the classic Men at Work song “Down Under” being found out as stealing the melody of a classic Australian children song. News here and here.  Our legal department discuss this on tonight show.

Tonight’s playlist

    1. Princess and the frog – Jim Jones Review
    2. whole lotta woman – compulsive gamblers
    3. over and over – young heart attack
    4. small bones small bodies – Future of the left
    5. feel all right – the oblivions
    6. roll on rusted days – Howlin Rain
    7. baby2 – The Drones
    8. On a Clear night – legends of Motorsport
    9. battle hymn – the Blackfire Revelation
    10. Freak scene – dinosaur Jnr
    11. fortunate son – Creatance Clearwater revival
    12. New Virgina creeper – Old Crow Medicne Show
    13. Lua – Gillian Welsh and Connor Orbost
    14. Method acting – Bright eyes
    15. nice boys – Rose Tattoo
    16. California uber alls – Dead Kennedys
    17. LMA – Mark of Cain
    18. going up the country – Kitty daisy and lewis
    I hope you enjoyed
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