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Just on Spec playlist 10/11/09

November 10, 2009

Good evening and welcome to another installment of Just on Spec


Tonights playlist:

  1. The compulsive gamblers with “Whole lotta Woman”
  2. Future of the Left with “Lapsed Catholics”
  3. Chrome Locust “MIA”
  4. D4 with “Peepshow”
  5. Dinosaur Jnr – “Start choppin”
  6. !!! with ” Hello? is this thing on?” For Gerhardt Fuchs, the drummer for !!!, who died in a tradgic elevator accident click for link
  7. Sloan with “Money City Maniacs”
  8. Blizten trapper with “Gold for bread”
  9. Wooody Guthrie “Pretty boy floyd”
  10. Billy Bragg & Wilco with “Way over yonder in a minor key”
  11. Warren Zevon with “Carmelita”
  12. Black seeds with “The Prince”
  13. Yo La tengo “Periodically double or triple”
  14. The Ooga Booga’s with “Fanny May”
  15. Warren Ellis & Nick Cave “The Rider”
  16. Catpower “Nude as the News”
  17. Tim Hardin “Black Sheep Boy”
  18. Stephen Stills with “Anyway”
  19. Pills and Booze “Green on Red”

Well done Janice on winning the two tickets to Summer Six

See you in a Fortnight

Thanks for listening in on Fresh FM

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